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Join the virtual care solutions team

Partner with TeloCure to provide patients with urgent care and wellness visits. TeloCure makes it convenient for both you and your patients.


Why Use TeloCure ?

More-flexible provider schedules

Provide patients with virtual care at your convenient time, this permits you to take care of your patients from outside your practice.

Provide virtual care to patients across the country

Physicians can take advantages of connecting with patients outside their geographical region, leading to an expanded patient base

Have your own practice

And see your patients without any infrastructure. Be more cost-efficient by seeing patients from the comfort of your space without having to invest in infrastructure for a doctor’s office

Work from the safety of your home

As doctors, your health matters too, practice social- distancing during the pandemic and help your patients feel better via online visits using our app

For every visit, we will take up to 5% to 20 % commission

How TeloCure Works

  • Step 1

    On demand doctor search system (GP & Pediatric)

  • Step 2

    Google map integration based on district locations

  • Step 3

    Live Virtual Doctor across the country


  • Step 4

    Book doctors for appointment from previous history

  • Step 5

    Vitals (Temperature, Heart Rate and Raspatory) using smartphone and smart watch

  • Step 6

    Billing systems with Bkash, Creditcard, debit card etc.


  • Step 7

    Electronic health record, prescriptions, visit summary

  • Step 8

    Rating system for patients to rate their doctors

  • Step 9

    Board Certified Doctors only